Delhi Metro Passenger Information

Delhi Metro Passenger InformationDelhi metro ensure every security for their passengers to make their journey comfortable and smooth.

For this they accept some things from passengers.

  • Do stand in queue.
  • First two coaches are reserved for women’s
  • Do not carry eating and drinking material
  • Do not carry pets
  • Do not smoke and drink
  • In journey keep mind comfortable of your fellow passengers
  • Give seat to needy persons
  • Do not sit on reserved seat
  • Do not jump on fare collection gate
  • Stand behind yellow line
  • In emergency you can talk to driver
  • While standing on escalators keep one hand to side
  • Do limit your baggage to 15 kg
  • Try to exit from emergency door in emergency
  • Take care of your belongings
  • Do not travel without token or card
  • Do not travel on train roof
  • Do not jump on metro track
  • Beware of pick pockets in train
  • Keep distance from door in train

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