Delhi Metro Stations Facilities

DMRC also provides facilities like….

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Book stores
  • Utility bill payments
  • Lift
  • ATM
  • Washroom

In stations. Lift is especially dedicated to old and physically challenges persons. It also provides high tech facilities like automatic fare collection gates, escalators, automatic coach doors, electronic surveillance. Eating, drinking items are also available at reasonable price.

At any metro station you can make your metro card by just Paying 50 rupees plus recharge money. This money can be refund whenever you return this card to metro. These cards are also available with one day, two validity for tourist concern. In metro stations there is metro map it clearly shows the yellow line, violet line, blue line passenger can easily understand from where they should change or catch the train to reach their destination.

At metro station security persons checks for individuals for safety of peoples and metro. They also check luggage by passing it into machine. There is limitation of bag size Limit your baggage to 15 kegs, not exceeding 60cm (Length) x 45cm (Breadth) x25cm (Height) in size. Feeder buses available from metro station to reach your destination and adequate parking space available at metro stations.

Delhi Metro is perhaps India’s first public transport system with adequate features for differently- able persons. These include extra-wide automatic flap gates for wheelchairs, lifts with buttons installed at low level, tactile paths for the visually impaired, reserved spaces for wheelchairs in trains, etc. In addition, station staff constantly monitors passenger movement and provides personal help to any differently-able person who needs assistance.

Physically disabled person can use lift to reach at platform on sitting their wheel chair. On platform there is yellow line it indicate passenger to keep behind yellow line when trains is coming at platform this thing also announce by metro station Other alert announcement like ‘beware of pick pockets’ and ‘keep distance from door’ made by metro in moving train.

Delhi Metro Stations

Delhi Metro StationsMetro stations are well designed keeping in mind how to handle crowd when some passenger are entering and some are exiting from station. In every station there are two track of rail line. For that purpose there are two gates. Metro also provides security for its valuable asset (station). CISF security men’s check every person before journey along with this luggage. In metro station security persons checks luggage in machine for any kind of illegal item which one carrying by any suspect.

The average distance between any two metro stations is 3-4 km. From any station person can make their metro travel card and for tourist persons there is also tourist card whose validity for one or two days. Stations are very neat and clean if any person found eating, drinking or spitting then this thing count in offence so person has to fine or penalty.

  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Book store
  • ATM

Is available at every metro station.